Working an oil rig job sounds like it would be dangerous, and it can be if you’re not careful, but there are lots of benefits to working on an oil rig as well. It’s important to do your research first and know what you’re getting into before signing up for such a job, but once you do, you can rest assured that you made the right choice!

Here are five reasons why it may be perfect for you!

1) An oil rig job will pay off your student debt

The oil industry is booming right now. If you work in a Texas oil field job, you’ll probably make enough money to pay off any student debt and even save up some cash to start your own business or go back to school. But that’s not all. According to some sources, the oil industry in Texas is looking for ways to help students get an education without ever incurring debt and the promise of a job after graduation.

With the importance of the oil industry in Texas, oil companies are doing everything they can to attract good employees to strengthen and enhance their workforce. Oil drilling is hard work, but it pays off in higher wages and less debt after college.

2) If you need relocation, there are great locations all over Texas

There are hundreds of oil-rig jobs in Texas. Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth…the list goes on and on. If you’re looking to relocate with your job, there are dozens of towns that offer great work opportunities near some of America’s largest oil fields. A job in Texas offers something most other places can’t: location.

The variety of career options and locations are unparalleled anywhere else in America – or even the world! Norton Energy Drilling, for example, is located in one of the fastest growing locations in the country in west Texas. Lubbock is a rapidly developing city with plenty of upside for anyone looking for opportunity.

3) An oil rigging career is exciting and unique

Few careers allow you to work in such a dynamic, fast-paced environment as an oil rig does. While not everyone can handle working 100 feet in the air, these jobs do offer things you won’t find in any other career field. Some may think that working on an oil rig just means being stuck out in some faraway field, never seeing anyone or anything. That couldn’t be further from reality.

Jobs in the oil field are never dull or boring and offer non-stop opportunities to learn in an industry that is crucial to the coutry’s economy! There’s definitely no cubicle or dead-end desk work with Texas oil field jobs.

4) Get jobs that are high paying but don’t require a degree

Get your hands dirty and earn more money doing high-paying oil field jobs! If you’re looking to make a career changefor financial reasons, look no further than oil field jobs. Too many jobs with sizeable salaries take years of education and mounds of debt to even qualify for! But the high-paying careers of the oil industry don’t require education or previous experience!

5) There is room for advancement and opportunities for learning new skills

One of the things that you’ll love about working in oil and gas is that there are always opportunities to grow and learn new skills. Whether it’s becoming a certified welder or managing one of your own crews, there are plenty of possibilities. Of course, these aren’t things that happen overnight—the learning curve in these jobs can be steep, but you are learning every single day and operations are always expanding, creating more and more opportunity for people like you!


The Texas oil field and its jobs are worth investigating. Come see what life on an oil rig is like, and you’ll discover why thousands of people from all over are flocking to places like Lubbock, Texas in hopes of starting their career in one of these wonderful places. Regardless of your skill level or previous job experience, there’s a position at Norton Energy Drilling waiting for you. Check us out today and start your new career!

Why an Oil Rig Job is Perfect For You 2

Why an Oil Rig Job is Perfect For You 2