What if you were losing out on a major profit and didn’t even know it?

In Q4 of 2021, the net profit margin for oil and gas production rose to a whopping 31.3%. The difference between a good profit margin and a great one, though, often comes down to whether you have a contractor you can rely on.

Looking for an oil drilling contractor who is reliable and trustworthy? Keep reading to discover how to find one!

Experience Matters the Most

Want to find the oil drilling contractor best suited to your needs? In that case, make sure to hire one with the right experience.

Experience level is about more than how long someone has operated an oil drill. A good oil drilling company should also have experience with different types of equipment as well as experience drilling into terrain like your own.

Keep in mind that experience can also be measured by whether the oil drilling company has many satisfied clients. If they do, then chances are that you can depend on them for your own local drilling.

Communication Is Key

Very often, hiring the right drill contractor depends on more than finding someone with skills and experience. It also involves clear communication of your needs and expectations to the contractor.

For example, they will need to know if this will be a turnkey job, a daywork operation, or something else. Setting these expectations early on can also affect how much you end up paying for.

How so? For example, straight footage jobs mean you are paying per depth drilled. If they have to drill deeper than you were planning, then you may be stuck with an unexpectedly large bill!

Good Safety and Gut Instinct

Safety is always a major concern when you are hiring contractors. However, when you hire a drilling company, finding one with a good safety record is more important than ever.

Drilling is dangerous work on its own. If you hire a contractor with a poor safety record, then someone could easily die on the job. Or a contractor might cause a dangerous oil spill that quickly turns into a PR nightmare you’ll have to deal with.

Beyond doing your homework on a contractor’s record, we also recommend you conduct personal interviews with contractors you are interested in hiring. This gives you a great chance to ask questions that you couldn’t find an answer for during research. And you can always go with your “gut instinct” to find a contractor you can trust with your business.

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